Bernice Beachmont
Bernice Beachmont[1] is a Fillmore! character and an X Middle School student. She is voiced by Rachel Crane.[2][3]


She's a caucasian teen girl with pale blue, beady eyes and brown hair with a fringe, and pigtails, each with an aquamarine hair band. She wears goldenrod, horn-rimmed glasses, a purple jacket with orange plaid lines, a yellowish green shirt, turquoise pants and brown shoes.


As seen in [4] papers that were part of her model of Haley's Comet that she has on display at a science exhibit were shredded. When she finds that her work was destroyed, she freaks. When the Safety Patrol arrive at the scene of the crime, she signs a form pertaining to the accounts of the crime.

Episode Appearance


  • Her Birthday is February 24, 1990



  4. "The Shreds Fell Like Snowflakes,"

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