Cornelius Fillmore
Cornelius Fillmore, simply known as Fillmore, is a Seventh Grade student at X Middle School.

A former and reformed delinquent, he serves as a Safety Patrol Officer, having been recruited after his former safety patrol partner gave him the choice to help out in a case instead of receiving detention. Despite his past, Cornelius has a heart of gold while often tending toward rash actions, believing the "end justifies the means". This usually results in him breaking school property to get the job done.

Just as he was once recruited to the Safety Patrol, Fillmore is the reason his current partner, Ingrid Third, joined up.

Before the Orange

Fillmore used to be a delinquent. He was involved in a number of incidents within the school, such as the time when he attempted to destroy a platform which held a lot of custard when the Home Ec teacher Mr. Geary was trying to beat a world record.

Skills and Abilities

One skill Fillmore has displayed is a mastery of Chinese Finger-Traps, such as when he once helped School Mascot Elliot Funston get out of one[1].

Fillmore has skills at mini-golf. He wanted to join the club, but was not allowed due to his delinquency.[2]

Fillmore also has an uncanny appetite. He is the reigning Sloppy Joe Champion in X Middle School, beating out a challenger named Joyce.



Fillmore has a good relationship with his parents and goes to his grandparents house to help his grandmother make Sunday lunch. While he has no siblings, he does have a dog.


Ingrid Third is Fillmore's current partner on the safety patrol. Ingrid helps Fillmore solve crimes when he becomes too rash[3], and with her photographic memory[1]. The two become close friends throughout their partnership, cultivating a deep trust in each other. Something which Fillmore did not have with any of his previous partners before and on the patrol.

Junior Commissioner Vallejo believes them to be the best safety patrol team that X has ever had and that they need each other in order to give their overall best.


Penny Madrid was one of Fillmore's partners in crime when he was a delinquent. Though it appeared she came clean like Fillmore, she was in fact the underdog behind the counterfeit baseball card scheme, planning on using the safety patrol to bust Wynston Carter and then restarting the business for herself. She appears to have romantic feelings for Fillmore which he does not reciprocate.


Sonny Lombard was yet another one of Fillmore's old partners, yrt used him to steal Term Papers from Rudy Terraball, after making Fillmore believe Rudy was behind the sabotage attempts against him. When Fillmore discovered the truth, he took Sonny down.


Wayne is Fillmore's prior safety patrol partner. Fillmore was down after Wayne moved away. The two kept in contact and often visited each other during breaks. When Fillmore visited Wayne in Tennessee he helps him with a case.


  • In a cancelled Season 3 episode…
    • …Fillmore was to be hurt by Ingrid's school transfer offer and the two have a short falling out. When Third was given the real transfer offer after the previous one proved to be a fake from the underground circuit, Fillmore would eventually offer her the best of luck. However Third would not take the transfer and the two carry on like before[citation needed].
    • …Wayne was to visit Fillmore and help him on a case whilst Ingrid was off school sick. Though Wayne and Fillmore work good as a team, Wayne would admit that Fillmore has now become the better of them, and that Ingrid is probably a better partner for him than he is in more ways than one, however he does not elaborate on this when Fillmore asked why[citation needed].


He is voiced by Orlando Brown.


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