"Cry, the Beloved Mascot"
Episode Number: 05
Airdate: October 5, 2002
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Cry, the Beloved Mascot was the fifth episode of Fillmore! to be produced and the fourth to air. It was originally broadcast on October 5, 2002.


It's X Middle School Spirit Week, and as an all-important bocce ball game looms ever closer, X's beloved mascot Lobstee the Lobster is kidnapped! Fillmore and Ingrid are put on the case, along with Alistair Greystone, X's resident psychic. But with the press breathing down their necks, will psychic powers be enough to find Lobstee before his disappearance becomes public and sends the school into a panic?


Cornelius Fillmore
Ingrid Third
Principle Folsom
Alistair Greystone
Harrison Post
Vern Natoma
Brock Mason
Antonia Lakin
Nicky Lakin


  • First Appearance of Mr. and Mrs. Fillmore.
  • This episode played a bit of an homage to that live action Disney show That's So Raven where Fillmore's voice actor Orlando Brown played Eddie Thomas, who is best friends with Raven Baxter ( Raven-Symoné), a psychic who has "precognitive visions" about what may or may not happen later.

Preceded by:
A Wurm in Our Midst
Fillmore! episode
Air date 10/05/2002
Succeeded by:
Red Robins Don't Fly

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