Danny O´Farrell

Danny O'Farrell[1] (mostly referred to as O'Farrell) is a Safety Patroller who's main duty is crime scene photographer. O'Farrell is more the comic relief of the show due to his comical actions and comments, he tends to show lack of intelligence towards most situations, however, he does have an big imagination and is able to produce certain knowledge about various topics such as DIY photography. He is voiced by Kyle Sullivan.[2][3]


Not much is known about O'Farrell's history as he tends to be more of a background character (although he's still considered to be more prominent than Joseph and Karen). It is unknown how O'Farrell managed to get inducted into the Safety Patrol (although it could be because of his photography skills) as during missions he tends to be rather clumsy and can sometimes be more of a hinder than a help to the team (even being unable to take photo's of a model train wreck crime scene due to the sight made him sick). The frequent running joke with him is that he shouldn't be qualified for the Safety Patrol, as Vallejo stated, and was once replaced by a tripod. Another joke from another episode is that "he isn't qualified to operate a stapler." O'Farrell also has the tendancy to over-exaggerate in various situations such as when he attempted to apply as a dance partner in [4]. Sometimes he tends to vex others, has deep introspection and weird ideas, such as trying to take pics of his own behind [5]. He is of Irish or Scottish descent, as his name, ginger hair and the fact that he's seen wearing a kilt in one episode [6] indicate.

Episode Appearance

  • To Mar a Stall
  • Test of the Tested
  • A Wurm in Our Midst
  • Cry, the Beloved Mascot
  • Red Robins Don't Fly
  • Nappers Never Sleep
  • Ingrid Third, Public Enemy #1
  • Next Stop, Armageddon
  • A Cold Day at X
  • Masterstroke of Malevolence
  • Two Wheels, Full Throttle, No Brakes
  • Of Slain Kings on Checkered Fields
  • A Forgotten Yesterday
  • The Currency of Doubt
  • The Shreds Fell Like Snowflakes
  • Foes Don't Forgive
  • Immune to All But Justice
  • The Nineteenth Hole Is a Shallow Grave
  • The Unseen Reflection
  • Play On, Maestro! Play On!
  • A Dark Score Evened
  • Field Trip of the Just


  • Photography - O'Ferrell's main skill and duty in the safety patrol, he also has background knowledge as he was able to create a Dark room out of various household appliances in Masterstroke of Malevolence.
  • Caddy - In The Nineteenth Hole is a Shallow Grave, O'Ferrell elected himself as Fillmore's Caddy, he showed large amounts of knowledge claiming that he had been training for his whole life to be a Caddy.

Case File

  • Name - Danny O'Ferrell
  • Occupation - Safety Patrol Crime Scene Photographer, Mini Golf Caddy
  • Accociates - None (sometimes Fillmore and Third)
  • Organisations - Safety Patrol


  • Danny appears to be Irish-American. His surname O'Farrell is Irish and he is once seen wearing a kilt. As such he might be a parody of the stereotype Irish-American police-officers.
  • Danny O'Farrell was voiced by Kyle Sullivan
  • He a bit similar to Shaggy from Scooby-Doo.


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