Emily Kinzey
Emily Kinzey
 is a student briefly at Macluhan Middle School and a safety patroller there. She is voiced by Lauren Tom.[1]


Emily is a caucasian girl with short, blond hair and has a pink butterfly barrette worn in it. She has green eyes and her outfit includes a blue, short-sleeved shirt, and pink jeans.


Emily's only appearance is in [2], in which she appears towards the end. When Wayne Liggett -2 is in his new school's safety patrol headquarters reading a letter sent to him by Fillmore, she asks what he's reading. He tells her it's a letter (which she says she can see, apparently) and then asks who's it from. He replies that it's from his old safety patrol partner. After Wayne arrived at his new middle school and joined its safety patrol, Emily became his replacement, better half of the duo of safety patrol partners.

But their partnership wouldn't last long. In [3], she is absent but mentioned. When Fillmore comes to visit Wayne at Macluhan, he learns that Wayne and Emily are no longer a team. It seems that she and Wayne had a falling out and she transferred to another school, following an incident in which Wayne got involved in some shady activities. He didn't fess up nor own up to what he did, so he let her take the fall and suffer the consequences for it.


  • Emily's appearance is very similar to that of Caitlin Cooke from the Canadian cartoon 6teen. Both have short blonde hair and green eyes and wear pink butterfly hair clips. In addition, Emily's normal clothes are a blue short-sleeved shirt with pink jeans, while Caitlin's clothes consist of a sleeveless pink top and a blue skirt. As 6teen came out approximately two years after Fillmore, it is possible that Caitlin's mode of dress was based on Emily's.



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