Fiona Ashbury
Fiona Ashbury is an X Middle School student and president of the Fashion Club.

As seen in [1], Fiona was depicted as a bully to her fashion assistant, Becca Baccadero. She was upset with Becca, due to the subpar job the latter did with the fashion design on a mannequin, which wore a halter top with capri pants. She gave Becca a hard time about it and scolded her severely. Fillmore and Ingrid approached Fiona to inquire her concerning a clue they found, but she couldn't be bothered with that as she had a fall fashion line-up to prepare and told them that in lieu of her, they'd have to talk to Becca. In the middle of the interrogation, Fiona screamed after grape jam blew up on her and her models, exclaiming that she hates jam. The two Safety Patrollers spotted somebody dressed like a ninja committing the act, go after, and attempted to stop the suspect, but the suspect managed to escape them. From his observation of Fiona, Fillmore pointed out that she used a different method for bullying, which was verbal abuse rather than physical abuse. When Fillmore and Ingrid saw Becca again for another interrogation, she told them that she was now responsible alone for handling the fashion show, as Fiona fell ill. The stress of it all may had been tremendous enough for her to consider transferring schools, as Becca mentioned.


Fiona was a teen girl with brown skin, brown eyes, and long, brown hair. She wore a yellow collar, a violet jacket, a light pink blouse, blue jeans, and brown sandals.


She is voiced by Melissa Tamberelli.


  1. A Dark Score Evened

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