Francine Bishop
Francine Bishop is an X Middle School student. Her brother is Frank Bishop.

Francine held a deep resentment for Vallejo for not standing up for Frank when he was expelled after stopping a rigged Bingo player with Gazpacho, to which he was allergic too.

Eventually she crafted a plan where first she would have all of her friends pretend in shocked to have their paper stuff shredded by a mystery "Shredder", and being actors, they were able to sell their performances perfectly. Leaving enough evidence for Vallejo to think she was the latest victim and be lured to her home, she planned to trap him in her ice castle sculpture, forcing him to miss a scheduled hearing and miss out on a his chance for earning his second term as Junior Commissioner. Unfortunately her plan was ruined thanks to her brother Frank, who deduced she was the mastermind of the plan, when she confessed her reasons. Ultimately, all of her ice sculptures were destroyed when she tried to run over Fillmore and Ingrid.