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Glee Club Girl (real name unknown) is a character in the animated series Fillmore! and a member of X Middle School's Glee Club. She's among the singers in an a capella group who belong to that particular club.


Glee Club Girl is a pre-teen, Caucasian girl. She has brown hair with a fringe and in pigtails, and has green eyes. Her outfit is similar to the uniform that the male singers of the Glee Club wear: Except that aside from the white, long-sleeved shirt with folded collar, she also wears a fancier red bow tie and a gray skirt rather than pants.


Since the room where the Glee Club is held is next to the Safety Patrol's headquarters, she and the other members are often seen. She seems to be the only female soloist in the group. She has a significant role in: [1], when she and three other girls (another of which was Maryanne Greene) confronted Arthur Stanley. After eventually finding out that he had been four-timing them, as he was dating them all at the same time without one another's knowledge, they're very displeased with and cross at him.

She and the other Glee Club members had a brief role, singing at Principal Folsom's birthday party in [2].


  • She was born either 1990 or 1991.


She is voiced by Mae Whitman.[3]


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  2. Next Stop, Armageddon

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