is an X Middle School student. He is also a computer geek.


Horace appeared in the Safety Patrol Headquarters attempting to fix O'Farrell's computer before fixing the other Safety Patrollers' computers. [1] He asked who'd been subscribing to a site called The Daily Knock-Knock Joke and O'Farrell admitted it by raising his hand. Horace then told his own knock-knock joke directed towards O'Farrell, implying that O'Farrell was the one responsible for downloading four viruses onto the network in the process, and making him feel bad. Fillmore asked Horace if he was there to insult them or if he was there to make repairs. Horace answered "both" and told them he'll be back with all that are needed to make the repairs on his own terms. Horace tended to be a bully by hurting others verbally rather than physically.

Horace was seen again, that time fixing Stella's computer while Stella was being interrogated by Fillmore and Ingrid. He told her that the computer's modem was overloaded and that he was confiscating it. Stella told him that she needed the modem to contact more, fellow students and send more E-mails about a rally to save doodlebugs. Horace implied simply she'd have to do it the old-fashioned way: Via regular mail.

As Fillmore, Ingrid, and Vallejo were trying to come to the conclusion of who the suspect being the bully paybacks was, Horace informed them about a computer system he had that could pinpoint who it was. Fillmore and Ingrid had him show them and the three headed to the Converted Center Control Room. After using the system's security camera to search for the suspect, it almost instantly zoomed in on Stella. After Fillmore and Ingrid approached Stella about it, she took off and the Safety Patrollers followed. When they caught up to her and ended up back in the control room, they found Horace being held hostage by Stella, Becca, Wilbur, and Grover. This was in retribution for how he bullied them. Horace told them he was not a bully, that he was just a computer geek. Becca told him he may never had bullied anyone physically, but he put down others and that still made him just a much of one, albeit differently. Just as Wilbur prepared to destroy the computer's control panel by pouring gumbo onto it, Fillmore got them to put a stop to the foursome's plan. He told them that wasn't the only means of lessening the difficulty with bullies and that punishing Horace wasn't proper. He told them that wasn't the only means and that they were better than that. Once Fillmore reasoned with them, they seemed to get the message and left Horace and the control panel alone. Horace likely reformed after this.


Horace is voiced by Samm Levine.


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