Ingrid Third
Ingrid Third is a student at X Middle School.

Ingrid is in the Seventh Grade and has been partnered with Fillmore in the Safety Patrol. She was recruited by Fillmore shortly after he cleared her name for a crime for which she was framed. The two have since become best friends. Like Fillmore, she is also a former delinquent. She has a sister named Ariella.

Prior to X

Before her transfer to X Middle School, Ingrid attended an unnamed school where she was involved in an incident involving a stink bomb and a piñata. This incident, and a number of others, caused her to be sent to a reform school for a year in Nepal. Ingrid arrived as a new student at X Middle School shortly after Fillmore's previous partner, Wayne Liggett, moved to Tennessee.

Safety Patrol

Ingrid felt cold toward X, which probably came from past experience. On her first day when she was introduced by the students, they were allowed to throw polystyrene balls at her. A practice implemented by Principal Folsom to "get rid of hostility for the new kid" right up front and as theory had it, get it out of their collective systems. Ingrid's response was a loud, "This school stinks!".

Shortly after, a stink bomb was set off and Parnassus claimed Ingrid as the culprit. even though Ingrid admitted to the crime, Fillmore found evidence from an ATM Camera proving she could not have committed it. When Fillmore questioned her about it, she claimed only to have admitted to it so she could get expelled from the school. After Fillmore convinced her it was wrong for the real criminals to get away with a crime, she joined forces with him to find the true culprits, thus finding her first real friend in Fillmore.

They discovered the person who really committed the crime was Parnassus. However his sidekick took the fall for him. The reason he did it was because he became paranoid that Ingrid would steal his place has the smartest kid in school, threatening his academic supremacy. Shortly after Fillmore asked Ingrid to join the Safety Patrol as his partner.

Life at X

Shortly after joining the safety patrol Ingrid made friends with the rest of the team, hanging out with them after school and even asking them for advice. Ingrid has faced a few problems though, such as when she almost allowed a suspect to escape out of sympathy with the Satty-9 tests[1].

On her first undercover case she became closely involved with the Red Robins[2], a Girls Scout-like troop of girls who sabotaged other groups and teams by stealing or ruining their products and hangouts, yet never got charged due to lack of evidence. At the time Ingrid was still fairly new and often got rejected or secluded by others due to the fact she was still too new and too different. She grew close to the girls, especially Malika who shared many interests with Ingrid. Ingrid's loyalty was put to the test, torn between the Red Robins and the Safety Patrol, and a strain placed on her relationship with Fillmore.

It turned out Malika was former safety patrol and Vallejo's ex-partner and wanted Ingrid to carry on the Red Robins after she graduated, despite finding out she was a safety patrol. Ingrid declined the offer and took Malika down.

Ingrid has also helped Fillmore on cases where he had problems too.

Skills and Abilities

Ingrid has a photographic memory, meaning she can memorize things just by looking at them. She is claimed to be the smartest kid in school. This trait makes her a great ally for the safety patrol. She also has experience with forensics, which she learned from Tehama.

It is noted before she arrived at X that she did Little League for two years. Ingrid is also shown to have gymnastic abilities[2] but it is unknown exactly how skilled she is.

She was given a scooter by the Safety Patrol for her birthday which is great for chasing criminals[1]. She also owns a robot which is wifi enabled, allowing her to follows potential suspects when they cannot be caught.

Ingrid has been known at least twice[1][3] to be able to pick a lock with a credit card, a talent from her delinquent past.



Ingrid has one sister, and a father who worked for the university. She seems particularly close to her family, especially her sister whom she takes pictures of interesting mailboxes for[4].


Fillmore is Ingrid's partner and best friend. The two have grown extremely close and understand each other better than anyone. During cases she has shown worries and concern such as when he hesitated from the Mini-Golf Tournament[5], and when his former partner in crime Sonny Lombard showed up[6]. However the two always get past any problems and their bond becomes tighter. They have complete trust in each other.


  • Somehow Ingrid knows people in New York City as she attended a Halloween party one year.[7]
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    Ingrid's cameo appearance


  • She is voiced by Tara Strong.
  • In the canceled episode for the third season Ingrid would reveal that though everyone thinks she is brilliant on her own, she thinks she is much better with Fillmore by her side.
  • Her mother is never mentioned and it is often assumed by fans that her mother died before the series. This could be a reason to explain Ingrid's delinquency at a younger age.


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