Jean Grace is an X Middle School student and the recording secretary of the Art Club. She is voiced by Shanie Calahan


Jean is a teen, caucasian girl with short, brown, curly hair and white, beady eyes. She wears a yellow head scarf, sleeveless, pale green shirt with straps, purple jeans and pink shoes. She was once seen also wearing white goggles.


In To Mar a Stall, Jean is the last of the three members of the Art Club whom Fillmore and Ingrid Third go to for questioning about the defacement of the restroom stalls and who could be behind it. She tells them that that she can't be of assistance there as that's not her area of expertise and that she doesn't believe in using restrooms, preferring to use the outdoors instead. But Ingrid cuts her off before she finishes what she was going to say. Jean is also seen in a flashback, among those who gather to see Randall Julian's art exhibit, which was a macaroni collage.

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