is a Macluhan Middle School and a member of the Tennessee Safety Patrol.

Jeter is first seen in the Tennessee Safety Patrol's headquarters in South of Friendship, North of Honour, after a dog named Jeremiah gets overly friendly with Fillmore. After Fillmore and Wayne meet again, Jeter begins to tell him some things that went on with the latter while at his new school, but Wayne cuts him off before he can continue. Wayne eventually tells Fillmore all that happened between him and Emily Kinzey. Later, Jeter is asked for help from Fillmore pertaining to the case of the missing pralines in order to clear Wayne's name. Jeter tells him that he heard mention of Patrol Sheriff Thrift and his henchmen hiding them in the storage closet. They check there, but don't find any. The patrol sheriff and his henchmen catch them searching.

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