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Linwood is an X Middle School student. He is voiced by Sean Marquette.[1]


Linwood is a caucasian kid with short, brown hair, has green eyes, wears an olive green buttoned shirt, jeans with a patch on each knee and black shoes.


He's seen near the end of Of Slain Kings on Checkered Fields. In this, when Pricipal Folsom is commenting to Fillmore in the cafeteria where the sloppy Joe-eating contest is held, he's no longer there, having already left after winning once again. Instead, Linwood is in his place next to her, much to her surprise. She asks Raycliff who the boy is and he tells her his name. Then she asks where Fillmore went.

In Field Trip of the Just, he's seen walking through the school's hall when he's passing by Eric Orben, Sanjay and Dmitri. Sajnay flicks a coin on the floor when Linwood spots it and goes for it. He's then hit on the back of his neck with a spitball by Sanjay, Dmitri swats a book Linwood was carrying out of his hand and Eric takes his picture, which is then placed in a locker with photos of a few other students. Linwood is left disoriented from the camera's flash.


  • He was born October 21st, 1990



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