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Lucille is a Fillmore! character, a Macluhan Middle School student and president of the Praline Committee.


She is a teen caucasian girl with long, blond hair and pale blue, beady eyes. Her apparel includes a powder blue cowboy (or cowgirl) hat and aquamarine mini dress.


Lucille appeared in [1]. She was upset after finding the vault where the pralines were kept empty and were now gone, and she told Wayne about it. The Tennessee Safety Patrol were brought in to search inside the vault. As she had been keeping a watchful eye on it, she said that she didn't see anybody who could've taken them from there. By nearly the episode's end, after the pralines are found, she awarded Wayne with a medal at a ceremony honoring him for solving the case and getting the pralines returned, and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Episode Appearance

  • South of Friendship, North of Honor


She is voiced by Renee Olstead.[2]


  1. South of Friendship, North of Honour

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