Malika Stanyan is an X Middle School student. A former member of several clubs, the Safety Patrol, head of both the AV Club and the unicycle club and former partner to Horatio Vallejo, she was the tasked with infiltrating the Red Robins. However, during her undercover work she went too deep and rose to the head of the Robins, turning in her sash and badge, selling her unicycle and disbanding the AV Club despite Vallejo's protests. During her tenure as leader of the Red Robins, she established the Vault, a room in the old AV Club room hidden behind a bookshelf that has all of the stolen candy and supplies that they extort from their competitors.

When the Red Robins were infiltrated by Ingrid Third, Malika took a liking to her shortly after she made a cleverly devious anagram of their competitors, the Pioneer Lasses. Due to her graduating from 8th grade, she was in search of a new leader for the Robins' branch in X Middle School, and Third appeared to be the perfect choice for her after the examples she had made of the Pioneer Lasses and fellow student Jaime Townsend. As a final test, she sent Third with her key in search of the Vault. However, when Third returned to her with the Vault's location it was not to become the next leader of the Red Robins, but to take her into custody as her duty to the Safety Patrol.

When confronted by Third, she tried to appeal to her through their resemblances, both being apart from the others due to their high intelligence and odd quirks and tastes - even their shared past as members of the Safety Patrol. However, she still refused, and Malika made a break for it, stealing a bike. Giving chase, Third called Fillmore for backup with her new walkie-talkie after dealing with the other Red Robins.

Meanwhile, Fillmore ambushed her near the pool, sending her stolen bike into a pile of boards. However, she pedaled her way out of them, making it a few feet further before Fillmore threw a swimming tube into her wheels, sending her flying into the pool where Fillmore and Third took her into custody.[1].


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