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Sanjay is an X Middle School student on the show Fillmore!. He is voiced by Ajay Naidu.[1]


Sanjay is a brown-skinned boy with shaggy, mahogany hair, wears a black T-shirt, goldenrod jeans and black shoes.


Sanjay is friends with Eric Orben and Dmitri, and their friendship goes back to kindergarten. In Field Trip of the Just, he, Dmitri and Eric Orben are seen in the school's hallway through which Linwood is passing. Sanjay distracts Linwood by flicking a coin onto the floor. Linwood notices the bait and goes for it. Sanjay then strikes Linwood from behind with a spitball, Dmitri knocks out a book from Linwood's grasp and Eric takes his pic. Unlike Eric, Sanjay and Dmitri are underachievers.



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