"To Mar a Stall"
Episode Number: 04
Airdate: November 16, 2002
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To Mar a Stall was the fourth episode of Fillmore! to be produced and the eighth to air. It was originally broadcast on November 16, 2002.


The ribbon-cutting ceremony for X Middle School's newly renovated restrooms is ruined when a tagger known as "Stainless" vandalizes all the stalls in the flagship bathroom. To try and catch the vandal, Fillmore and Ingrid enlist the aid of Randal Julian, an incarcerated tagger and brilliant artist whose reign of terror as "Flava Sava" was cut short thanks to Fillmore.


Cornelius Fillmore
Ingrid Third
Principle Folsom
Robin Spencer
Randall Julian
Frankie Polk
Tommy Howard
Jean Greys


As Fillmore is telling Randy the vandal's history to Third, you can see a headline from "A Wurm In Our Midst", revealing that this episode takes place after that one.

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