Tyler is a Macluhan Middle School student. He is voiced by Chris Marquette.


Tyler appears in South of Friendship, North of Honour. He is a well-known pig-napper and is first seen riding a pig through the school's hall while being pursued by Fillmore. Tyler and the pig end up on a stage in the auditorium, but are stopped by Wayne, who drops from the rafters above them on a sack that's hung from the ceiling and causes Tyler to fall into a pile of hay. Later, when Wayne is suspected and accused of being the culprit behind the stolen pralines and gets booted off the force, Tyler joins the Tennessee Safety Patrol and replaces him. When Wayne is seen in detention with Tyler watching him, Jeeter heads to the classroom and tells him that he's needed by Fillmore. Wayne is on his way to his aid, but Tyler attempts to stop him. The latter is then hung on a hook and the dog, Jeremiah, keeps an eye on him.

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