Wayne Liggett
Wayne Liggett is a Student at Maculan Middle School in Tennessee.

He used to be at X Middle School. He is also a Safety Patrol Officer who used to be Cornelius Fillmore's original partner while at X, but now serves at his new school of Maculan.

Not much is known about Wayne and his background, other than he was the one to catch Fillmore during his delinquent days raiding the school's chalk supply. Wayne had given Fillmore the ultimatum of joining the Safety Patrol or doing time in detention. To avoid the former, Fillmore took the latter. Since then they became good friends and had been partners in crime-solving until Wayne moved away to the South.

Eventually Ingrid Third took his place on the Patrol after she transfered into X[1]. Wayne has a good life at his new school where he receives letters from his old partner.

However, he and Fillmore would reunite Fillmore visited him in Tennessee[2] where he is currently based and collaborate with a case there. Wayne is now a member of the Tennessee Safety Patrol at Maculan Middle School, where his new partner, Emily Kinsey is also a part of the force until they fell out with each other and she changed schools because Wayne had gotten involved in some shady activities which he let her take the rap for instead of admitting his part.


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